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Private Borrowers

Private Borrowers

First Class Advice

The team of EDM Advisors works with the most demanding clients on the most complex residential and commercial financing projects on a daily basis.

As a private client with a financing project of more than €500,000, you too can benefit from our expertise and commitment. We advise private clients exclusively on the financing of their property, regardless whether it is for investment or private use.

What do we offer our private clients?

No additional costs

We do not charge you for our consulting services


We are in the Peoples' Business and take our time for our clients


Our consultants are experienced professionals with strong references


Our close collaboration with project developers gives us insights at all levels of the market.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Compare our conditions with competitors and your house bank


We have no agreements or special conditions with individual providers and therefore no conflicts of interest.

How can we support you? Give us a call

+49 (0)30 208 48 63 03

Our business model

How do we make money?

EDM Advisors GmbH receives a commission from the financing bank.

Why isn't it cheaper to go directly to your bank?

Through customer acquisition, customer support and the preparation of financing documents, we take over significant working steps from the bank, which saves costs. This cost saving allows the bank to remunerate us for our services. If, on the other hand, you contact your bank directly, it will do these tasks internally and charge you for the effort, which will be reflected in your financing conditions accordingly.

Why do we only work from €500,000 ?

Our earnings are measured as a percentage of the loan amount. We need this volume to be able to cover our costs without having to compromise our service standards.

Conversely, this enables clients with projects of this size to receive better service at no additional cost.